A 12-Step Program for Procrastination (ADDitude Magazine)

If you’ve ever been or loved an addict, you know that recovery is a journey of many steps — and setbacks. The 12-step program originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous provides clear and helpful sign posts along the way — reminders of direction and purpose. I have personally benefited from the 12-steps and I’ve started using them as a framework in my work with teens battling procrastination.

Parenting in the Age of Stress: How to put the brakes on and reclaim more balance. (Thrive Global)

As the parent of my own young children and having worked with many parents over the years, I can say there may be nothing in life that brings greater fulfillment than being a parent. However, it also brings tremendous stress.

Making Peace with Those Pesky Thoughts: Stop fighting and start living. (Thrive Global)

Do you ever find yourself wishing certain thoughts would just go away? Mine really like to show up at 2am and swarm around my head like flies on a hot sticky day. So how do we get rid of these pesky thoughts? The answer may surprise you.

How to Stress Less at Work - Yes, it’s Possible

If you work, you know that stress is part of the package. Whether it’s a demanding boss or difficult client, deadlines or a tough commute, the sources of work-related stress are countless. Over time, these daily stresses can accumulate and adversely affect our relationships, health and emotional well-being. Work is by far the largest source of stress for adults and has been growing steadily over the past decades.