Guided meditations by me that you can follow: (it may take a moment for these to load after you press play)

This Basic Mindfulness Meditation includes awareness of the breath, sound, body, and open awareness. It is excellent for training both concentration and flexibility of attention. As with most meditations, it is a wonderful tool to help cultivate less stress and greater ease throughout the day. 

This Loving Kindness for the Self Meditation is designed to help reverse the habit of critical self-judgment and encourage a more balanced and friendly attitude toward the self.  

This Touch Points meditation helps with providing a sense of grounding when intense emotions arise. 

This brief Body Scan practice is intended to get you back in touch with your body and to tap into the body signals that provide the basis for wise intuition. This also helps with sensing the changing nature of all things, which can assist in tolerating difficulty.  

This is a basic Breath Awareness meditation. It helps with cultivating concentration, stability of mind, and a greater overall sense of peace and calm. 

Mobile Phone Apps with guided meditations:

Evenflow - You can find several of my guided meditations on this app. 

Insight Timer



Websites with a range of guided meditations for you to follow:

Tara Brach

Elisha Goldstein

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Audio Dharma

Insight LA